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Our Sales Partners


Industry: Integrated Technology Solutions

Headquarters: Ankara, Turkey

Web Site:

EgeSoft provides innovative technologies, software and solutions for engineering, manufacturing and inspection fields. The Company has a proven track record of numerous successful implementations of integrated production technologies for its design and manufacturing customers.

EgeSoft Team has an engineering mindset, “out of the box” way of thinking and pioneering vision for problem solving. The company specializes in integrated manufacturing technologies and systems including CAD/CAM/PDM, and CMM solutions.

EgeSoft is a certified vendor as well as technical support and training provider for the following products and systems:

  • PAS ILM (CMM Inspection Lifecycle Management)
  • SolidCAM (SolidWorks) and InventorCAM (Inventor)
  • MakerBot 3D Printers
  • VICTOR CNC Machines
  • Advanced Drawing Education

Since 2012 EgeSoft Team have demonstrated outstanding results in customer relationship management. The key concept is the of the EgeSoft’s philosophy is to share knowledge, expertise and motivation as well as enlighten and provide technological guidance to the customer. EgeSoft Company always strives to provide the customer with innovative technology and superior manufacturing solution.

Rand Technologies Japan

Industry: Software solutions

Headquarters: Kawasaki, Japan

Web Site:

Rand Technologies Japan is a subsidiary of Mississauga-based Rand Worldwide, a leading provider of technology solutions and professional services to innovative engineering and design companies around the globe.

Headquartered in Kawasaki, Japan, the company has been helping customers achieve success since 1997. Rand Technologies Japan specialize in consulting and software solutions to help companies automate their manufacturing and inspection processes.

Rand Technologies Japan provides world-class software tools along with the services and support to their customers in multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer products, electronics, hi-tech and medical.

Made to Measure

Industry: Inspection services, Metrology equipment

Headquarters: East Dundee, IL, USA

Web Site:

Founded in 1985, Bley Metrology existed as a separate division for many years at Bley Engineering’s aerospace machining facility. Sven Bley, a third-generation engineer, took this division and turned it into what we know it as today: Made to Measure. Since 2003, our company has grown and blossomed from its beginnings and accomplished background in the aerospace industry to become a leader in the measuring industry.

"Our people make all the difference. Our staff not only possess technical backgrounds in quality and metrology, but also include mold makers, toolmakers, mechanical and manufacturing engineers—each perspective helping us better understand and communicate with our customers.

With an established custom training program, pride in our work, and a complete commitment to quality technique and excellent customer service, we look forward to a bright future, embracing continual growth and development in the years to come."

Alignex, Inc.

Industry: Consulting services, Education

Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN, USA

Web Site:

Alignex is the Upper Midwest's premier provider of consulting services, training, and design software to the mechanical engineering industry. The experience of our staff is what truly sets them apart.

No mechanical engineering consulting company, training organization, or SolidWorks reseller in the Upper Midwest has the depth of experience and industry knowledge that Alignex has. Our technical staff has a combined 200 years of experience. Not only do we understand your software issues, we understand your business issues.

Alignex has been the premier SolidWorks Provider in the upper Midwest since 1997 and in business as an engineering technology provider for over 20 years. Alignex has helped over 1000 companies make the transition to SolidWorks from a wide variety of 2D and 3D CAD formats. Alignex provides mechanical engineering software as well as contract mechanical design and analysis services throughout the Upper-Midwest including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota as well as western areas of Illinois.

3E Praha Engineering

Industry: Consulting services, Education, Manufacturing

Headquarters: Prague, Czech Republic

Web Site:

Joint Stock Company 3E Praha Engineering was established in 1990 as a software distribution company. Over time, the change in the technical office, the main menu include supplies CAD / CAM / PDM systems and related areas of applied slide design work and technological preparation of production. Currently 3E Praha Engineering as one of the leading and largest suppliers of CAD / CAM / PDM systems in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic.

During its twenty years of existence the company acquired a wide range of knowledge and experience, which is based in the implementation and delivery of services. In its operation is supported in a quality cadre of employees who are leaders in their field.

3E Praha Engineering is an authorized Support Center and training of SolidWorks, KeyCreator, SpinFire, SURFCAM, HSMWorks, DataCAD, SketchUp, Artlantis, Arco and PAS CMM.

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About High QA

Committed to the automation of quality assurance processes, High QA is a team of manufacturing experts with over 100 years of experience in mechanical CAD/CAM, inspection, PLM and Lean manufacturing.

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