Are You Ready for Quality 4.0 Webinar Series?

Join High QA, Inc. for the second in a series of Webinars on
Quality 4.0 the Next Generation Technology:

How Automated Shop Floor Data Collection Can
Improve Your Quality Process

The second edition in the series of webinars discusses the benefits of automating shop floor data collection in the manufacturing environment. A key to managing a top-notch quality 4.0 program is to collect accurate, consistent in-process and final inspection data at the source.


Automating the process minimizes data collection, transcribing and reporting errors before they occur. 

Sign up here for the June 5th Session 11:00 AM - Noon EDT

Sign up here for the June 6th Session 2:00-3:00 PM EDT


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Committed to the automation of quality assurance processes, High QA is a team of manufacturing experts with over 100 years of experience in mechanical CAD/CAM, inspection, PLM and Lean manufacturing.

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