Are You Ready for Quality 4.0?

Are You Ready for Quality 4.0?
Integrating SPC Data Collection Directly From Your 2D Print
Join High QA for the 3rd in a series of free Webinars on Quality 4.0 the Next Generation Technology. Each hour-long webinar is designed to get you closer to meeting Quality 4.0 requirements and goals.
This episode of Are Your Ready for Quality 4.0 webinars discusses the benefits integrating SPC data collection from your 2d print to improve quality and reduce waste.
OEM’s and even your own company are requiring SPC data collection from the manufacturing process. The data is reported in AS9102, FAI, PPAP or other reporting form. Collecting inspection data from various digital measuring tools and gauges automatically or manually providing a lot of information that can be turned into useful SPC data.
The first step along this journey is to identify the dimensions for inspection and the frequency of the checks.
This webinar will review the benefits of early integration of SPC requirements from the 2d print at the start of the automated ballooning process. 
If you're unable to join us for the live session, register anyway and
we'll send you a link to view at your convenience!

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