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Shaping the Next Generation of Quality Manufacturing

Committed to the automation of quality assurance processes, HighQA is a team of design, manufacturing, software development and supply chain experts with over 100 years of hands-on experience in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, inspection, PLM, Lean manufacturing and developing quality software products. HighQA’s executive team includes the founders of Cimatron (currently owned by 3D Systems) and DASSAULT SYSTEMES (currently Enovia by Dassault Systems). HighQA team is highly focused on your challenges either you are a OEM or a supplier in any given industry.

Industry Challenges

The increasing complexity of today‘s products that are becoming smaller, more complex with multiple assembled parts, increased high accuracy with tight tolerances and with a global competing production cost creates even a growing challenge. One of the outcome of these challenges increases the demand for outsourcing where parts and sub-parts can be manufactured in lower cost and this create the other big challenges in the industry – managing your supply chain as a OEM and as a supplier cutting your production cost.

Despite of utilizing inspection software and measurement devices most manufacturers still manually balloons their blueprints (PDF’s or else) and manually type and interprets the inspection characteristics (GD&T’s) and even worse inspection results are manually typed and inspection reports as FAI, PPAP and others are manually prepared.

What We Do

The HighQA team makes software solutions to support organizations' Quality Inspection business processes. The software we make is highly intuitive, user friendly and can be used efficiently, with only few hours of training. It cut costs and time, it sets consistent standards and best practices. It helps the Quality Control department to improve the profitability of the manufactured parts and improve customers' satisfaction.

How can we help

HighQA solutions are highly intuitive, user friendly and can be used efficiently, with only few hours of training. The HighQA team is available to support your needs at any step in your inspection process. Our helpdesk and an online Knowledgebase enable users to access our Support Center and get an immediate expert help, support tickets management, register to free technical webinars and more. On a daily basis, the HighQA development team, is constantly moving forward with creating a top level quality software, adding new functionality and product capabilities providing our users with a cutting edge advanced solution.

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About High QA

Committed to the automation of quality assurance processes, High QA is a team of manufacturing experts with over 100 years of experience in mechanical CAD/CAM, inspection, PLM and Lean manufacturing.

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