Automated Data Collection with
IM Express™

HighQA IM Express™ is revolutionary mobile solution that enables you to collect manual measurement data in a highly sophisticated, smart and user-friendly way. IM Express™ provides automated guidance to field inspection personnel and shop floor users. It visually tells them what, where and how to take measurements. It also provides inspection specifications and measurement instructions.

The system combines an intuitive touch interface with the full power Inspection Manager platform make it simple for inspectors to take the right measurement out of multiple inspection operation using a single mobile device.

IM Express™ is offering the following key benefits:

  • Built-in inspection process automation
  • Wizard like step-by-step guidance
  • Visual measurement instructions
  • Predefined measurement order
  • Measurement process is controlled by IM definitions
  • Intuitive interface with minimal choices
  • No prior computer skills required
  • Short learning curve
HighQA specializes in developing software to assist in the management of quality process improvement including activities related to the needs of ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, QOS, APQP, etc.

Inspection Manager offers user-friendly contemporary and clean interface that enables users to develop, control, and deploy inspection plans, related documents, requirements, and measurement instructions throughout the organization. The system provides an infrastructure to standardize and structure inspection data across an entire supply chain.

Inspection Manager supplies organizations with cutting edge automation tools for digital measurement data collection. Measurement data capture engine supports simultaneous real time input from multiple machines and devices. In addition to machine data collection, IM QMS provides breakthrough technologies that enable digital data collection for manual measurements taken on the shop floor in real time.

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Committed to the automation of quality assurance processes, High QA is a team of manufacturing experts with over 100 years of experience in mechanical CAD/CAM, inspection, PLM and Lean manufacturing.

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